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About Cheaper Bookings


Cheaper Bookings is an innovative online travel agency that empowers travel consumers to instantly search and book hotels, flights, rental cars and vacation packages. We provide travel consumers with the capability of searching all available Hotel Brands, Airlines and Rental Car Brands at once, which helps travel consumers save time and money. We offer a plethora of filters and sorting options to help travel consumers instantly find and book a hotel, flight, rental car or vacation package. Additionally, we offer travel consumers who are interested in booking an accommodation an optional map view feature with many filters and drawing capabilities. Map View enables travel consumers to quickly find an accommodation within a small section of a locality, by giving the travel consumer the ability to draw a polygon around a desired area or by simply dragging the desired area to the center of the map. Our powerful, but easy to use platform is the result of many years of research and development.

About the Team & Our Mission

We are a team of passionate and determined travel tech individuals, computer scientists and security experts that are backed by a highly respected travel industry executive, who has been an innovator and public speaker in the travel industry since the late 90’s. Our Mission is to create the ultimate experience for travel consumers by regularly updating our platform with new innovative features and making the process of booking travel fun, easy & most importantly secure.


Keeping your data secure is a top priority. We take the security of your data seriously by following the latest data security standards. We are PCI DSS Complaint, which in layman's terms means we undergo quarterly scans/audits done by a QSA (Qualified Security Assessor) to ensure we are following the latest data security standards. In cases where we need to store your personal data such as when you create a Cheaper Bookings account, a well-designed algorithm that follows the latest security best practices encrypts your personal data and then stores it to a secure database. We also take additional measures when it comes to the security of your data by having a trusted third party that undergoes security & compliance audits hold onto one of two decryption keys, we hold onto one key and the third party holds onto the other key, both keys are needed to decrypt your data which adds an additional layer of security. Our servers are located in a secure Level 1 PCI compliant data center which undergoes quarterly audits done by a trusted third party to confirm security and compliance.

Contact Information

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Send Mail to our NJ Office: 991 Route 22 West Suite 200, Unit 5, Bridgewater, NJ 08807

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