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Cheaper Bookings App - Mobile devices
Discounted Rates Exclusive to the App
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Cheaper Bookings App - Mobile devices

Why download the App?

The app will give you the ability to instantly book Hotels, Flights, Rental Cars & Vacation Packages even when you're on the go while providing you access to secret rates that are exclusive to the Cheaper Bookings app only. The app makes it simple to book while you're on the go. Book from anywhere at any time directly from your smart device, if that's not enough to convince you to download the app, please feel free to have a look at the following list of Key features and benefits.

Key Features

  • Filtering Options - Over a hundred easy to use dynamic filters Examples filter by pet friendly hotels, hotels with a night club, beachfront Hotels, non-stop flights, departure and arrival times and much more...
  • Sorting Options - A plethora of sorting options to help you instantly find the cheapest booking...
  • Optional Map View - View Hotel Listings on the map.
  • Map Drawing - Draw a shape around a specific region of the map to only display hotels within the drawn shape. The map drawing feature is helpful for finding hotels with-in a small or large region of a locality. We're the only travel booking app that offers this feature at the time of this writing.
  • Optional Member Portal - View your search & booking history add items to your Wishlist, adjust custom settings such as default currency, time zone & more...
  • Wishlist Hotels - Ability to save hotels to your Wishlist
  • Currency Options - Select your preferred currency to have rates displayed in the currency of your choice.
  • Cancel Your Booking - Ability to instantly cancel your own booking, assuming the booking is refundable.
  • Travel Guide - Thousands of popular locations Where to Eat, Shop, Party & more...


  • Instantly Search & Book Cheap Hotels, Flights, Rental Cars & Vacation Packages.
  • Free to Download - No Ads
  • No Booking Fees - Currently we're not charging any booking fees.
  • Save Money - Discounted rates exclusive to the Cheaper Bookings App
  • Privacy - We respect your privacy. We have no logic in place that will track your device activity. One thing to note we may request your location while the app is open to provide a better user experience. Please note: You have the option to disable this feature.
  • Security - We undergo quarterly audits done by a third party to make sure we're following the latest security standards.
  • Straight Forward & Easy to use - We also offer advanced options for advanced users.
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