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Top 1 Hotels near Maymana, Faryab, Afghanistan

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Kabul Serena Hotel, Froshgah Street, Kabul, Afghanistan, 1001 Kabul, Afghanistan

In the heart of the city overlooking Zarnegar Park the Kabul Serena Hotel is the first five-star hotel to open in Afghanistan in over 35 years a symbol of confidence in the reconstruction and redevelopment of Afghanistan and in the Afghan people themselves. Built to exacting standards with loving care and attention to details - cultural aesthetic...

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Approximately 266. Miles away from Maymana center
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Maymana Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Where can I get a bite to eat during my Maymana stay?

Answer: Please see the following for our top choice of where to eat at during your stay in Maymana.

Question: Where can I party or get a round of drinks with the buddies during our Maymana visit?

Answer: Please feel free to have a look.

Places To Eat At - During Your Maymana Visit

Rasturante Zaher - Restaurant - Maymana, Faryab

Nightlife - Where to Party During Your Maymana Visit

Turk Medical Labratwar - Bar - Maymana, Faryab

Top 1 hotels in Maymana - Map View

Kabul Serena Hotel
Kabul Serena Hotel
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